World Stick Flags

Shop our huge selection of international stick flags.  We carry 4x6 inch desktop flags and 12x18 inch flags.  These flags are perfect to wave at a parade.

  • 4in X 6in Stick Flags

    4in X 6in Stick Flags

    <p>These beautiful 4"X6"  handheld flags are printed on silk-like material, these flags offer the highest quality in hand-held, desk or classroom flags.  Hem stitched on all four sides for longer lasting beauty.  Comes complete with a gold spear.  These 4"X6" Flags are produced right here in the USA.</p>
  • 12in X 18in Stick Flags

    12in X 18in Stick Flags

  • Stick Flag Bases

    Stick Flag Bases