International Flags

Display your heritage with an International Flag from Cavalry Flags.  We carry high quality flags from a wide range of countries throughout the world at low prices. We stock every country's flag in a full range of sizes, from 4"x6" and 12"x18" stick flags through 2'x3', 3'x5' indoor (polyester) display flags.  Our outdoor (nylon) flags can be found in 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and 6'x10'.  Whether you're looking for personal use or as an educational tool for the classroom, our flags are high-quality, accurate in sizing and are very affordable.

  • Shop By Country

    Shop By Country

    <p>Shop and buy international flags by country.  Great selection of Polyester and Nylon International flags in all sizes.</p>
  • Indoor Flags

    Indoor Flags

    <p>Shop our selection of Polyester indoor International Flags.  All international flags in stock!</p>
  • Outdoor Flags

    Outdoor Flags

    <p>Shop our selection of Premium Nylon International flags.  These flags are high quality, long lasting and manufactured right here in the US by the top flag manufactures.</p>
  • World Stick Flags

    World Stick Flags

    <p>Shop our huge selection of international stick flags.  We carry 4x6 inch desktop flags and 12x18 inch flags.  These flags are perfect to wave at a parade.</p>
  • String Flags

    String Flags

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